Environmental Policy

At SW Homes we believe that our corporate responsibilities include protecting the environment, delivering quality services to our valued customers and promote a safe workplace for our employees and sub-contractors.

We are serious about protecting the Environment, which is demonstrated in the Environmental Management System we have developed to meet the International Standard ISO14001. 

In the process of meeting this standard we will continue to comply with relevant legislation, regulations and / or codes.As part of our continual improvement program and commitment to the prevention of pollution, SW Homes  have set objectives and targets and are committed to the continual monitoring of these to identify opportunities for continual improvement through the implementation of risk management systems that identify, assess, monitor and control environmental risks and hazards. Furthermore, we will be asking our Sub Contractors to assist us in meeting our set objectives and targets through the implementation of risk management identification, assessment, monitoring and controlling the environmental risks and hazards.

Our system, including any environmental objectives and targets, will be reviewed regularly, as will comments or feedback from the general public, which is always welcomed.