SW Homes are accredited Green Living Builders, and pride themselves on using innovative, environmentally friendly materials and construction methods to create and deliver sustainable products.

The team at SW Homes understands the importance of sustainability in construction, not only to preserve our precious resources, but also to save you money on your energy bills and ongoing maintenance.

The key goals for PBC projects are the delivery of healthy internal and external environments for our client’s, their staff and contractors, and reducing the whole-of-life environmental impacts of our buildings.

This includes reducing:

  • Greenhouse emissions 
  • Pollution and emissions 
  • The impact on local ecology 
  • Use of natural resources 
  • The generation and sorting of waste 
  • The potential benefits to building, operating and/or leasing Green Buildings include:
  • Improving productivity and health of occupants 
  • Producing better buildings by adopting an integrated design approach 
  • Reducing energy and water costs 
    (and exposure to rising utility costs) 
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Reducing environmental risks through appropriate measures (e.g. using 
    natural ventilation to maintain indoor environment quality)