We wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for your hard work at High St. We are all very impressed with the way the building has turned out - it is without doubt a first class medical centre. On behalf of Kylie, Khaled and the entire Tristar opening team a big thank you for a job well done.

Alex Abakado - Designer


Our relationship with Premier Building & Construction was one of dealing with competent, professional and friendly staff and sub contractors who co-operated fully to make our building project a very pleasant experience. The entire team at Premier were always responsive to our needs and always thinking outside the square to ensure the project finished on time and within budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending Premier Building & Construction to any organisation intending to carry out a commercial building project.

Alex Abakado - Designer

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Lifting the Lid: The ‘Safe Work’ Swindle

A plentiful supply of ‘safe work’ propaganda is pumped out to the Australian public each year.

It gives the impression that going to work is relatively ‘safe’ and that workers’ health and safety is a major concern to our caring governments. However, such beliefs belie the facts. Public policy on ‘safe work’ was contrived for the benefit of protecting business, but at the very great expense of workers’ lives. The scheme simulated to keep workers ‘safe’ officially sanctioned as the ‘safe work’ swindle!Australian workplaces are far from safe, and going to work poses perilous risks to the health and safety of around 600,000 Australian workers every year. Contemplate the cumulative effect; in the last 10 years, millions of people have been forever harmed. Nonetheless, few Australians could be aware of our shameful workplace safety record, the risky reality of many workplaces, or the horrendous harm visited upon those fated to be victims. Even fewer would know that ‘no control’ is government policy in order to safeguard business. This very ‘top-secret’!The principal problem is ‘truthiness.’ Trying to find the facts involves probing the limited information available, detangling the mostly true from the mostly false, tallying up the half-truths disclosed as legitimate statistics, and finally configuring in the mass of material deemed ‘never to be released.’ Most puzzle pieces now assembled, the terrifying truths can be revealed.